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Frequently Asked Questions

With the support of a caring community, we provide funding to aid in purchasing items to assist in daily living - particularly items related to technology, transportation and mobility. MO Better provides help when no other funding source is available, or when other funding sources are not adequate to cover the costs of the needed assistive technology or access modifications.

General Information and Eligibility

How does the grant process work? After the grant deadline, we meet as a Grants Committee to review applications and determine awards based on available funds. Often, grant awards will only cover part of the cost of a certain piece of equipment. In all cases, the MO Better Foundation only provides funding directly to the vendor, not the individual applicant.

Who can apply for a grant? Only individuals residing in Missouri that have a confirmed physical disability caused by illness, disease or injury may apply.

What equipment can I apply for? You may apply for any adaptive item or equipment that is specifically designed to be used by individuals with a disability.  Our most Assistive Technology Equipment; Communications devices /speech recognition software; Evaluation and training costs for adaptive device usage; Driving controls; Smart Home devices/environmental controls; Speech recognition software; Portable Ramps; Lumber/materials/labor costs for minor home modifications including building ramps, widening doors, bathroom modifications, etc.

What can I NOT apply for?  You cannot apply for (i) purchase of vans  (ii)non-adaptive equipment (iii) medications, (iiii) medical equipment, (v) medical supplies (vi) equipment used in therapy  There may be other items we don’t provide grant funding for, but this list should give you an idea of what we do and don’t cover. There is more information on Page 4 of the Guidelines and Requirements document.

Where can I find vendors of adaptive sports equipment to get quotes? Please refer our resources page ( for a list of common vendors that we work with. The vendors on this list are not the only vendors you may use, however. We recommend you contact your local adaptive sports program to see if there are any local vendors that can help you get properly fit for equipment.

If I am awarded a grant, how do I receive my piece of equipment? If you receive a grant, you will have until the deadline to take advantage of the grant. In your award letter, we will ask you to inform 1 of the 2 vendors from which you provided quotes that you are ready to purchase the equipment, tell them the amount of your grant, and have them invoice the MO Better Foundation for that amount. We will then pay the vendor directly. There will be more information in the grant award letter.

If I am awarded a grant, what requirements are there afterward? We ask that you (i) send us pictures of you receiving and using the equipment, (ii) fill out a questionnaire 2 months and 1 year after receiving your equipment, and (iii) stay in touch generally. We want to see how you’re doing so that we can help others.

I have applied for a grant before, can I reapply? Whether you receive  or are denied a grant application, you may apply the following cycle. If you receive a grant award, you cannot apply for another 4 cycles.

Who can I call/email to discuss the status of my application?  While we would like to be able to discuss each application individually, we cannot. To keep overhead costs down so that we can fund as many projects as we can, with the acception of one part-time staff member, MO Better is made up of almost entirely of volunteers. All applications should be complete and submitted ON-LINE ONLY.  

Questions Regarding Grant Application

What if there is only 1 manufacturer that makes and sells the equipment I am applying for, how can I provide 2 quotes? If this is the case, please indicate that there is a single vendor on the application form in the space for naming the second vendor.

Can I fill it out the application for my minor child, a friend, or another person? The applicant must fill out all sections of this grant application his/herself. Exceptions include the guardian of child under the age of 13 or the caregiver of an individual whose paralysis limits typing ability. Regardless, all applicants will be responsible for knowledge of the eligibility rules and procedures as well as all responses on the application form, and must indicate his/her consent to have the application submitted.

What if something happens that changes the accuracy of one of my responses after I submit my application? You must keep us updated on any changes to your application, including (i) any adaptive sports equipment that you obtain between when you apply and when your application is considered, (ii) any changes to the status of other grant applications, or (iii) any changes to residence or contact information. If you are awarded a grant and would like to change what equipment you purchase, please send us your intentions and a brief description of why, and we will consider your planned change.

What makes a good application? We want to get to know you, why you want to be active, and what being active means to you. We also want to know exactly why you are applying for the specific piece of equipment listed on the application (for example, if you’re applying for a handcycle, we want to know why you’re applying for a top end one rather than a mid-range). We want to see that you have experience trying the equipment and that you’ve had the discussion with the vendor why that piece of equipment is right for you.


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