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 In 2019,  some 10-15 breweries, craft beer retailers and restaurants throughout Missouri came together to help make life “more better” for kids and adults in Missouri living with physical disabilities by participating in the MO BETTER BEER PROJECT, a sales promotion to benefit MO Better Foundation. Several of those have already agreed to participate again this year and we love to have you a part. MO Better Foundation ( is a nonprofit organization which provides funds to help cover the costs of assistive technology, mobility aids, access modifications and other aids to daily living. If interested, or for more information, contact




There are no up-front costs to participate and you can choose any time of the year to participate. Participating breweries/brewpubs agree to create or designate a signature beer “more better than the rest” and put it on tap in its tasting room throughout (whenever and for however long it works best with production schedule). Additionally, each Brewery has agreed to donate $1 to MO Better Foundation for every pint of the MO Better Beer brew sold throughout the time period.  Further, retailers – bottle shops, restaurants, etc. – will also be invited to purchase, at cost, a Sixth Barrel keg(s) from participating brewers (through regular distribution channels) and feature it/them on tap with a percentage of sales benefiting MO Better.



The “MO BETTER BEER PROJECT" is based on a partnership between each brewery, retailer and/or restaurant and is designed to be mutually beneficial.

  • Each Brewer has agreed to donate a minimum of $1 to MO Better Foundation for every pint of the MO Better Beer brew sold throughout the time period

  • POP material and promotional material (copy for social media, paid advertisement, newsletters, etc.) will be created by MO Better and made available to all to support the program

  • Each Brewery/Retail shop agrees to support the program through its scheduled time period through social media and other promotional measures

  • MO Better Foundation will promote the program to its constituents and the community at-large through targeted email blasts, a specialized website, social media sites

  • The program can be tailored, as agreed upon by both, to best meet establishment’s needs.

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Name                 Style                                             Brewed by                               Where  Available                                                     Date addeed

MO BETTER BEER EVENTS -- 2019 (2020 Events coming soon)

BREWHOP STL ~ MO Better Beer Tours

Throughout Sept. and Oct. BrewHop STL will be donating $5 from every ticket sold to MO Better Foundation through the MO Better Beer Project. During your BrewHop STL brewery tour, BrewHop STL will provide transportation to four unique microbreweries. You’ll learn about each facility’s history, the nuts and bolts of their day-to-day operations, and what differentiates each from the other St. Louis craft breweries on the tour. You’ll enjoy a variety of samples and a full pour at each brewery you visit (that's right, samples plus 4 FULL POURS!).

  • 10/19 4 p.m.  MO Better Friends: A "MO Better" Beer Release party at Friendship Brewing, Wentzville. MO

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